Do You Have a Safety Program in Place to Show OSHA?

Get OSHA Compliant Before an Inspection or Accident

Did you know… The Average Accident Will Cost You $34,377!

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UPDATE: OSHA has been busy in December inspecting and enforcing the safety law which requires each company to meet safety requirements. As a result, we are taking $50 off the Safety Meeting Program. If you are operating without a safety program, you are exposing your business to potential fines and employee accidents.

Non-Compliance puts your business and employees at the risk of a fine, penalty, or accident. A small investment in safety will go a long way.

What Does OSHA Require?

OSHA requires companies to have a safety program and to frequently meet with employees to discuss safety and document all meetings. Why? Their research shows that safety meetings and safety programs reduce employee accidents. As a result, you can expect increased efficiency and reduced expenses.

Investing in an OSHA required safety program will save you thousands of dollars – even if it only prevents one accident.
Fact… The average OSHA fine is $2,300 with penalties of up to $70,000. Accidents increase your workers comp rates. Invest in a safety program before you incur the cost and pain of jobsite accidents or OSHA fines.

Keeping my guys safe is one of the few and easy ways I can increase my profit margins.  Not getting an OSHA fine and lowering my insurance is a bonus every business owner should take advantage of.

Terry Goodman (9 Employees)

No Safety Meeting Program? Get one ASAP.

For more than 10 years, we have helped contractors meet OSHA safety requirements. That is why we back your purchase with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Your purchase includes:

1) Safety Meeting Program: Specific to your trade and contains 100 pre-written safety meeting topics and signature sheets for required meeting documentation. Select trade(s) on Buy page.

2) Safety Resource Guide: Contains all safety resources listed below. 114 pages of safety resources and training material each company needs.

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Tips for an Effective Safety Meeting
  • Who is Responsible for Safety
  • Why Do We Have Safety Meetings
  • Building a Safety Culture
  • Cost of an Accident
  • Jobsite Foreman Info & Scorecard
  • Construction Jobsite Checklist
  • Accident Investigation
  • New Employees & Their Safety
  • New Employee Safety Orientation Guide
  • Jobsite Hazard Analysis
  • PPE Fact Sheet
  • OSHA Required Poster
  • Fall Protection in Residential Construction
  • Fall Protection in General Industry
  • Fall Protection Wallet Cards
  • Tips for Preventing Falls
  • Hazard Communication Safety
  • Data Sheets
  • Hazard Fact Sheets
  • Hazard Communication Wallet Cards
  • OSHA 300 & 301 Forms

3) Safety Meeting App: One year of free access to 950+ topics on your phone, tablet, or computer. The Safety Meeting App tracks attendance, prints reports, and documents near-misses, accidents, and much more. (Can remove from cart during checkout.)

4) Free Shipping (Ends December 15)

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Do Accidents & OSHA Fines Concern You?

Investing in a safety program will save you thousands of dollars – even if it only prevents one accident.
Get Your Safety Meeting Program

34 Different Trade-Specific Versions of the Safety Meeting Program

Each trade-specific version contains 100 pre-written safety topics that are relevant to your needs and work activity.

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Carpentry Home Builder Remodeling
Commercial Construction HVAC Restoration
Concrete Insulation Roofing
Drilling & Mining Janitorial Siding
Drywall Landscaping Tile & Marble
Electrical Manufacturing Transportation
Excavation & Site Work Masonry Utilities
Fence & Deck Mechanical Waste Management
Flooring Painting Windows & Doors
Framing Paving & Road Work All Others Trades Should Get
General Construction Plumbing = General Construction
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Did You Know… OSHA law requires your company to hold frequent safety meetings? Why? It is an effective way to avoid accidents and lower your workers comp insurance rates.

Facts & Information About Safety Meetings

For more than 10 years, we’ve been helping contractors improve jobsite safety. Conducting safety meetings is an effective way to instill a strong safety culture, reduce accidents and near-misses, avoid frivolous lawsuits and OSHA fines. It sends a clear message that safety is a priority. Developing a strong safety culture is important for maintaining an accident-free workplace.

OSHA requires all companies to conduct frequent safety meetings and record the attendance. Regularly scheduled Safety Meetings allows the contractor to address important safety hazards and provide updates on recent incidents.
Each meeting outline helps you comply with a specific OSHA safety training regulation, such as hazard communication, PPE, ladder & tool safety, lockout/tagout, MSDS, Respiratory protection, machine guarding, etc.

Get OSHA Compliant During 'Safety Compliance Week'

$50 off + Free Shipping (December 14 – December 15)
Get a Safety Meeting Program

The resource guide you all include is worth the price alone!  We tried other options but they were generic and not a great fit for what we do.  No complaints from us.

Alan Case (5 Employees)

I found your product after reviewing others that cost a lot more with less topics and content.  This is the best deal out there – I know because I looked.  Very professional. Thanks a bunch.

Jonathan Grant (11 Employees)

Each of our supervisors carries one of these for their Monday morning meeting.  Easy to use with great stuff.  Very cheap considering how much a fine or accident will costs us. We highly recommend you to others.

Jason Simmons (45 Employees)